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There's loads of free stuff in here.  You can take it all with my compliments.  Oh and keep coming back, as more freebies are being added all the time.

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The No Nonsense Guide to HRT

There's so much misinformation about the risks of hormone replacement therapy and very little about the many benefits.

In this guide I bring you the facts, pure and simple, so that you can make your own, well informed choice, about whether or not HRT is the right course of action for you and your menopause symptoms.

Sex Life Self-Analysis Worksheet and Video Training

In this video interview with sexologist and breast cancer oncologist Dr Claire Macaulay, we share a candid discussion about midlife sex and the menopause.  We talk about the taboo and stigma around sex and bust a few myths about what's normal and what's not!

Once you've watched the video, there's a self-analysis worksheet for you to use to help you think about your own perceptions and beliefs around your midlife sex life.

5 Part Menopause Video Series

In this 5 part video series I'm sharing loads of information about menopause, including what it is, when and why it happens, the symptoms and treatment options.

Taken from a series of live videos I did in my free Facebook group 'Your Best Midlife' they're yours to access here whenever you want.

Fancy joining me in Your Best Midlife?

Click on the link here and come join a supportive, friendly community of women making the very best of their next chapter.

Symptom Checklist

Use this simple symptom checklist to identify your menopause symptoms and to make notes of any patterns or triggers you may notice.

Top Tips for a Happier, Healthy Menopause

Lifestyle habits can make a big difference to how you experience menopause.  In this free PDF I share with you tips on eating well, moving well, managing sleep and stress to help you take control of your symptoms.

A Quick Introduction to Menopause

Here's a quick introduction to menopause.  

E-Book - 3 Quick Tips to Help Manage Menopause Symptoms

3 Quick tips, or I guess you could call them habits really, to help you improve your sleep, reduce your weight, lower your anxiety and help you to feel more like your old self again.

Importance of Sleep Infographic

You can't beat a good night's sleep, but for many midlife women, it can feel like a distant memory.

Make sure you're putting everything in place to help you get the best chance of decent night's sleep with this free infographic.

Ideas to Help You Embrace Journalling

If you've never done any journalling before it can be hard to know how to get started.  This simple workbook will provide you with some structure and offers up a whole host of self-coaching questions for you to explore.

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